Honda Lawn Care


Enjoy your summer! Make lawn and garden care quick and easy with Honda equipment.

How do you choose the right equipment for your needs? Lets take a look further into the lawn care line up:


For maximum convenience, comfort, features, and performance, look for the HRX series . These mowers offer top of the line features like Roto-Stop ® Blade Stop System, our patented Versamow System for 4 in 1 convenience, Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission, electric start, and the incredibly durable NeXite® deck.

The HRR series offers outstanding features and value. Depending on the model you select, look for electric start, Smart Drive variable speed, Auto Choke, two position EZ fold handles, and other outstanding features.

HRS mowers offer Honda quality, exceptional maneuverability, and performance at a budget price.


Do you prefer to mulch, bag, discharge, leaf shredding, or all four?

Honda Lawn mower options

  • HRX series mowers are 4 in 1 ready. You can mulch, bag, discharge and shred leaves, with no attachments or tools needed. You can even choose a combination of bagging and mulching simultaneously.
  • HRR series mowers are 3 in 1 ready. They come standard with rear bagging, mulching, and rear discharge.
  • HRS series mowers offer side discharge and mulching.
  • HRC series mowers offer commercial durability with standard mulching and bagging, with optional side discharge.

Check out the videos below for a more visual understanding of Honda technology at work:

Here are some maintenance videos for your working knowledge:

Trimmers and VersAttach

Select the right trimmer for your job.

For homeowner and general commercial use:

Consider the Honda HHT25SLTAT for most homeowner and commercial trimming needs.

  • Honda’s lightest weight 4 stroke trimmer
  • GX25 engine provides ample power and torque, even in the thickest grass
  • "Loop" handle design
  • Can accommodate a variety of 9" cutting blades


For heavy duty trimming and brush removal:

The Honda HHT35SLTAT offers the ultimate hand-held solution for heavy-duty trimming and brush removal.

  • "Loop" handle design
  • GX35 engine offers additional power for challenging jobs
  • Can accommodate a variety of 9 and 10” cutting blades

For clearing heavy brush, saplings, and small trees, as well as trimming:

Honda’s HHT35SUKAT trimmer is ideal for the serious professional whose needs range from regular trimming to clearing heavy brush, saplings and small trees.

  • Commercial "bike" handle design
  • Includes both a manual feed trimmer head and 10" cutting blade
  • Available accessories include a wide variety of special purpose 10" blades.


For greater flexibility with a variety of yard tasks try the Honda VersAttach System

The Honda’s VersAttach System is a versatile, user friendly power tool capable of a wide variety of landscaping tasks

  • 2 different powerheads and 6 different attachments available
  • Choose between trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, cultivator, pruner, and blower tool attachments
  • Easy to connect and disconnect attachments
  • Low vibration, noise ,and superior fuel economy


Easy to Connect!

Honda’s innovative SureLoc System makes it easy to connect and disconnect attachments. It’s made of a durable, wear-resistant resin. And because it clicks into place, there’s no need to guess if the attachment is properly secured to the powerhead.


The FG110 mini-tiller is an extremely versatile tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. Although many people think of a mini-tiller only for small garden beds, the FG110 can also handle larger areas with ease. It performs equally well in both soft and compacted soil.

Consider the FG110 particularly for:

Raised bed gardens

Tilling in tight spaces

Tilling close to existing plants

Easy transportation and storage

The FG110 has a variety of attachments available, so it also provides you with the convenience of a multi-functional tool.


Need to till a larger area? Honda's F220 or FC501 mid-tine tillers may be a good choice for you. The larger size allows you to work larger areas quickly and dig deeper than a mini-tiller. These tillers are heavier than a mini-tiller, but their tine configuration makes them easy to balance and maneuver.


Need bigger even still? The FRC800 is ideal for extra large gardens and breaking new ground quickly. Its heavy duty tines churn through the soil, working it thoroughly.

The FRC800 is also a good choice for its ease of use. Unlike mid-tine and mini-tillers, this tiller is self-propelled. The FRC800 offers three forward speeds as well as one reverse, allowing you to walk with the tiller at a comfortable pace.