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Our hours are 8:30am-5:30pm Monday – Friday
Saturday 9:00am -1:00pm during the summer
and Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm during the winter


939 Tungsten Street Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5Z3

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What do we carry?







Side x Sides

Side x Sides




Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes






Honda Power Equipment






Water Pumps



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What is our shop rate?


Unit care and maintenance?

There is definitely more to just buying a new machine and driving it. There is maintenance required to keep your machine running smoothly. Most of this information can be found in your owners manual and this manual should always be referred to for your machines specific care needs. For a more general idea of care and service information please review our service page.

When should you schedule maintenance?

Always check your manual for scheduled maintenance times for your specific unit. You can also contact our service department to double check that information:

What kind of oil should use?

Always be sure to check your owner’s manual first. For further information, check out the link below for some service product and lubricant guidance:

Lube Specifications Chart

More information can be found on our product information page, service page or you can always contact our service or parts departments:

Do we fix seats?

We do not do repairs to seats but there are upholstery places in town that do. If you need a brand new seat we can order you one.

Can we service other brands beyond what we carry?

We always recommend that take your machine to the dealer that sells the brand machine you own. The simple reason being, they have full access to all service and parts information required for that piece of equipment, as we do for our product lines.

For a basic service like an oil change, yes we can help you with other brands if you would prefer to come to J&J Sports.


Do we do financing?

Yes. Please feel free to fill out an application online or give us a call to walk you through the application process. It’s free and easy. LMG Financing Application

Do we allow test drives?

Every year we usually do a “Demo Day” ride for customers to try out machines. Always check out our website and facebook page for details on when those rides will be. We will advertise them far in advance.

Can you order me a machine if you don’t have it in stock?

Yes. There is no guarantee when ordering a specific machine but we can certainly make that effort for you. If we can not find your desired machine our knowledgeable sales team can make recommendations on another machine that will suit your needs comparably.

Do we rent out machines?

We do rent out machines for commercial purposes, not individual persons.



When ordering parts, what information do I need and what should I be aware of?

Help us, help you. The more information you have about your machine the better. Not all machines take the same parts. The most pertinent information needed to ensure the accuracy of your parts:

VIN/Serial Number
Year (please note Power Equipment does not list by year, you will need model #)

When ordering more complex, expensive, or detailed parts, we will require that you supply a VIN/Serial Number of your machine. For example but not limited to:

Long blocks
Track systems

Please also note that you may want to supply your VIN/Serial number when ordering/buying electrical parts as these are not returnable.

Parts must be paid when ordered. We will phone you when they arrive.
If you can not make it in to pick up your parts you can have a friend pick them up for you or we can ship them out to you; we required picked up parts be signed for.

How long will it take for my parts to come in?

Generally 3-5 business days

Do my orders have to be prepaid?


When do we place orders?

We place orders for parts generally everyday and orders generally arrive in 3-5 business days.

Can we order parts for other brands? 

Some parts are “after market” and will work across multiple machines; however, we always recommend that you check with the dealer of the particular band parts you are after to ensure accuracy.

Do we cut keys?

Currently we do not cut keys.



Do we sell fishing licences?

No we do not.

Do we sell fish finders?

No we do not.

Do we sell augers?

No we do not.

Do we sell boating licences?

No we do not

Do we sell trail permits?

No we do not sell trail permits, Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits are sold online.

Are there trails in or around Thunder Bay?

There are many trails to be found around Thunder Bay. Some are informal trails to get you to your favourite fishing spot and some are formal groomed trails if you’re just out for the ride. Please check out the OFSC website for trails and trail statuses

Do we do shag donations?

After a flood of requests, we no longer accept shag donation letters.